Tech Area

  EPROM v6 Replacement
  EPROM v6 file
  FT1000D + SDR
  FT1000D Mods Compilation
  FT1000D Driver Board Problems
  Noise Blanker, by Tom - W8JI
  Pin diodes subtitution, by Kirby - K7EC
  FT-1000D Measurements, by SM5BSZ/SM5FRH
  S-Meter Calibration, by George - K0FF
  250 Hz Filter, by Barry - KD5VC
  CAT to RS232 Interface
  CAT to RS232 Interface, by Richard - N6RK
  General Coverage Tx
  Key Click, by Tom - W8JI
  Rx Ant, by George - K0FF
  Six Pack & The Sub-Receiver, by Thomas - VE7RQ
  SSTV Connections & SetUp, by Larry - W5NCD
  Rx Diversity & Stereo, by David - K3KY
  Synchro Sub-Receiver, by Robin - G3TKF
  Trouble Shooters Note
  Yaesu FT-1000D Sidetone Mod, by Jeff - KE6L


  Yaesu FT-1000 D Museum
  INRAD Yaesu Filters
  W8JI FT-1000 D Mods
  K3KY FT-1000 D Page
  K6JRF HiFi SSB audio with the FT-1000 D
  SM 5 BSZ - Dynamic range measurements: FT-1000D
  VE3KH and the Diversity V/UHF Rx with the FT-1000 D
  VA3CR Yaesu FT-1000 MP Page
  Timewave DSP-59Y for the FT-1000 D with SP-5/6
  KD9SV/RadioWare Front End Saver for the FT-1000 D with SP-5/6
  TRX-Manager Control SoftWare for the FT-1000 D
  Filtering of the Yaesu FT-1000D


  FT-1000 Manual
  FT-1000 technical Supplement
  FT-1000 Schematics
  FT-1000 Brochure
  Official Specifications
  Declaración de Conformidad (CAR)
  ARRL - QST Product Review