FT-1000D & SixPak

Using the SixPak to enable the FT-1000 D's Sub-Receiver on another band

The "sixpack", in testing, it works just FB! My only complaint may be that if both "A" and "B" have selected same ant,eg:20m, BOTH 20m LEDs light up, and of course one side or other is locked out . It would have been nice if both rigs have accessed the same band, during lockout, the locked out sides led did NOT light, but it's not such a big deal. After installing the other 6 relays, and now making it into a 6 x2 matrix (you may want to mention that it is not a "Master- slave" setup, the lockout works both ways), the benefits are obvious. The test setup consisted of 2 runs of LMR-600 50 ohm. Flex 600(silver plated) used on the 6 ports. With both rigs selected to same port (one locked out), active one, when switched to a new band, now releases, and formerly locked out rig has the ant.

When used with a FT-1000D,and this is the MOST important feature for me, the SUB-RX can be used on another band simultaneously via it's own SO-239/separate bandpass filters. With monobanders, your 6x2 matrix is the ONLY way this can be had. Even if 6 runs of coax were brought to
shack, without a 6x2 matrix, the switching would be a nightmare! 
Another big feature, running two xcvr's at same time (original intended purpose of unit). For the little guy with just a single rig, redundancy results, in that if one of the two main feed lines going up the tower crapped out/bad connector/or if one or more relays in one side of six pack went bad,simply reverse feed lines to rig, and you are back on the air!! It's like having two switch boxes on tower! 
Don't laugh, my friend Arlis, in South Dakota, with 9 towers(120-160'), some rotating, is still off of 20m, due to blown up Ameritron remote boxes. He has two of them smoked now, and wx sucks. He's mainly a vhf/uhf nut, with huge arrays on 6m,and up, plus monobanders on hf.

A remote switch box owners worst nightmare is being off the air for entire winter. Even if one relay was stuck welded "on" in 6x2 matrix, you would
only lose one band. due to lockout on other side) If possible, ant feed, could be swapped to another port (unused, or a band that could be deep sixed on a temp basis). It's no fun making trips up tower in winter. Unit handles 1.5 kw fine.