FT-1000D Pin diodes Mod

Yaesu FT-1000 Pin diodes Mod - Kirby K7EC

Many years ago, I did a modification to my FT1000D to reduce the internally generated diode noise as well as to reduce the radios susceptibility to strong broadcast band mixing products. I have previously published the modification for the FT1000MP and have had a lot of positive feedback from that modification, so in response to a number of queries about whether the MP mod would work on the FT1000D, I have decided to publish my mod for the FT1000D and FT1000 as well. The replacement diodes that I have used are the HP 5082-3081 Pin Diodes. This type of PIN diode was carefully chosen and provides the best performance. I DO NOT recommend substitution of any other kind of PIN diode as the 5082-3081 provides the lowest distortion by a significant margin!!! The HP 5082-3081 can be obtained from Allied Electronics and Newark Electronics as well as several other companies.

The diodes are not cheap, but their improved performance more than justifies the cost!

The diodes on the RF unit to replace are:

Main Receiver BandPass Diodes
D1007 D1008 D1009 D1010 D1011 D1012 D1013 D1014 D1015 D1016 D1017 D1018 D1019 D1020 D1021 D1022 D1023 D1024 D1025 D1026 D1027 D1028 D1029 D1030 D1031 D1032 D1033 D1034 D1035 D1036 D1037 D1038 D1039 D1040 D1041 D1042

Main Receiver Preamp Bypass:
D1044 D1047

Main Receiver Preamp Switching:
D1045 D1046

Sub Receiver BandPass (BPF1):
D9801 D9802 D9803 D9804 D9805 D9806 D9807 D9808 D9809 D9810 D9811 D9812 D9813 D9814 D9815 D9816 D9817 D9818 D9819 D9820 D9821 D9822 D9823 D9824 D9825 D9826 D9827 D9828 D9845

Kirby, K7EC